My thoughts on cloth

Diapers, Inserts and Covers

Bum Genius Deluxe All-In-One

Fit: This diaper fits okay, not my favorite but that is mainly because of the velcro.  My daughter is in the 25th percentile for height and weight and it gapes on her legs, causing all of her onesies to have a nice yellow outline around the legs (urine…).

Pros: It is not bulky.  Comes in a variety of colors.  I’ve used it on my daughter since she was born (she is now 19 months old)

Cons:  VELCRO.  Velcro is horrible!

Fuzzi Bunz

Fit:  I love the way the fuzzi bunz fit my son.  He is 19 pounds 6.1 ounces and a little over 26 inches long.  He is on the smallest settings in size medium, I find no elastic marks on his thighs and no snap marks on his stomach.  I was worried about getting a diaper with snaps because my son is shaped like an “average” baby, but they present no problems.

Pros:  I use these with a terry cloth insert for night time or long outings and my son stays comfortable with no leaks or rashes.  I also love the colors that are available, the durability (not as much wear and tear as my cloth with velcro) and the fit.

Cons:  I bought these used so it may be the reason, but I detect a slight smell when V has a heavy urine output day.  That’s the only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5!

Gerber Prefolds

Fit: These fit fine and are my absolute favorite.  You can fold them in a number of ways (I will have to rediscover the youtube video I found that demonstrated this)

Pros:   I know they are old fashioned but you don’t have to worry about special detergent, complicated washing rituals or not having enough.  They come in a back of 12 and are often buy one get one 50% off at Babies R Us.

Cons:  If you are looking for style, these aren’t it.  I haven’t really seen them in any color other than white BUT if you are looking for Earth friendly diapers that won’t hurt your child’s bottom or your bank account, this is the way to go!

Gerber Rubber Pants

Fit:  Gerber Rubber Pants actually have the best fit, they are secure around the belly and thighs without leaving red marks.

Pros:  Very inexpensive!

Cons:  Very inexpensive!  Let me explain… I love their price but they are unfortunately made link they didn’t cost much.  I’ve had them rip and lose elasticity after a few months.  Gerber rubber training pants are much better but they are HUGE on my son and he is 30 pounds now.


Bum Genius Odor Remover

I love this!  If you are worried about cloth diapering in public because of the possibility of lugging around a stinky diaper all day, BUY THIS! I just spray it on the cover, spray it on the insert, stuff it in the bag and don’t smell it.  I will admit the smell is a bit strong at first but you’ll be fine if you don’t spray it in a small closed room and stay there…

Diaper Pins

My favorite way to fasten our diapers… until I poke myself.  Ouch.


I bought the snappis thinking they would be a cute and easy way to keep our diapers fastened but they aren’t.  They aren’t bad and are much easier to keep up with than a million diaper pins but they poke also and I end up having to apply and reapply them a few times before getting them right.


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