A Life Unplanned.


Well, things definitely changed last year.  The insurance at the school increased so much that my husband got a second job and I started working at a preschool.  As much as I know it is a blessing that we are able to pay our bills and that my children get to go to work with me, it was really hard.  I had planned our schedule so nicely and we ended up just doing our learning at school and cuddles and outdoor time at home.  I chose the preschool because I wanted my son to be able to socialize without me around, but it was really hard for all three of us.  He picked up every single bad habit of his classmates and none of the good ones.  When I started working there, my daughter did the same thing.  I guess it was bound to happen at one time, right?  Lil W has expressed an interest in learning to read so I got the bright idea that I can someone create a pre-k/Kindergarten curriculum for him.  We are going to be reviewing our letters and letter sounds for the month of July and then begin this pieced together “homeschool” curriculum in August.  His school doesn’t start until September, so I will have a month to see if homeschooling is for us or not.  More on that later. 🙂


Oh and the hubs decided he doesn’t like teaching, quit his job and wants to become a truck driver.  Yay for change.


This year I decided to do an advent calendar.  I thought the baby socks idea was cute but my daughter’s feet are still very small and her infant socks are even smaller so I didn’t think it would turn out very well.  We went to Michael’s to look for Christmas craft materials and saw little mini stockings so I decided we would use those.  I bought 25 of them, one for each day in December up until Christmas.  Each day they have a little gift (or a picture of an event we will attend) and we open them after dinner.  I think it is traditional to do it in the morning but I wanted my husband to be a part of this and he is home pretty late.

I used glue to write the numbers and had the babies sprinkled glitter on the glue to make them sparkle.

Then I let them decorate the back of each one.

Finally, after a few days of working on them, they are finished!