Letter B Review Day

Here we are reviewing the letter “B”.

SAM_7065We always begin with the ABC YouTube videos.


Then we look at all different sizes, fonts and other representations of the letter.


We watched the super quick PowerPoint created from this sound file.  (Click HERE for the page with a link to each PowerPoint) We did some crafts for the letter “B”


Princess and V took turns doing the letter “B” activity on Starfall.  Princess needs some more work with the mouse but V is getting the hang of it! They love these fun letter videos.  I love all of the Have Fun Teaching YouTube videos!!


We did another craft.  Princess likes to trace but doesn’t like to color.  V likes both and does them both very well.  I’m excited to see how Princess’ coloring skills improve throughout the year!   That’s how we reviewed the letter “B” using Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool.  These activities are normally spread out throughout the week but since we have known these letters for over a year, we’re just using it as a review.


EP Letter Review – Checklist

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Letter Review – Easy Peasy Soundfile Powerpoints

For now, we are using Easy Peasy All-In-One Online Curriculum. It is free and a great review of letters. The owner has found several silly and fun videos to get the little ones to learn their letters. Mine know theirs, … Continue reading