>Cloth Diapering…with 2


Well… I thought I had the hang of cloth diapering. I went from using them when I got the chance to being a full time cloth diaperer and even enthusiastically suggesting them to others. I was so on my cloth diaper high that I thought I would start cloth diapering my daughter right away. I stocked up on BumGenius one size, put them in the hospital bag and actually asked my husband if he thought there’d be college scholarships for students who never touched a disposable diaper (haha, those pregnancy hormones). Well, that humongous, oversized, monster of a baby I was supposed to carrying, was actually just a 7 pound 5 ounce little girl…with scrawny legs! There was a huge gap at her belly and a teeny one around her legs. Here’s what she looked like in a BumGenius one size at 3 days old:

My son weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces at birth and skyrocketed to almost 15 pounds by 2 months old so I only have one size fits all and medium sized diapers (no smalls). When we got home I tried pre-folds. An even bigger disaster! The rubber pants were literally gaping at her thighs and I had to fold the pre-fold so many times that it looked as if her diaper weighed more than she. I tried BumGenius again when she was a few weeks old but got leaks in the leg area despite using the troubleshooting tips. Now my little girl is 11 pounds and has a bit more meat on those cute little legs. I think I will try them again tomorrow (er…today)!!

Aside from bedtime, -HE IS NOW SLEEPING MORE THAN 2 HOURS AT A TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- my son is back in cloth. I’m excited because I think cloth diapering with two will be much easier than disposable diapering with two. My time is really limited (and I’ve seemingly become 1 handed due to always having an 8 week old or 13 month old in an arm!). It’s so much faster to unsnap (or unvelcro) the diaper, dump the solids into the toilet and toss the diaper in a bag until I get a chance to throw it in the washer than trying to wrap a diaper in such a way that it masks the smell and/or figuring out the diaper genie… Oh the diaper genie…yeah I haven’t mastered that quite yet, another reason for sticking with cloth. Photobucket
I have to admit, while I really like the price and ease of pre-folds (no special detergents or washing instructions), with two, I think it is more practical to use something such as BumGenius or FuzziBunz. If you’re interested, I received a link for a free trial* of BumGenius.
*Details apply

>Catching Up

>Thanks for keeping up with my blog despite my absence! The aches, pains and fatigue that hit towards the end of 3rd trimester have definitely gotten me and having a very active and curious little boy makes it nearly impossible for me to rest. As soon as he falls asleep, I fall asleep and blogging during the day when he’s awake…PhotobucketThanks for the laugh!

Here are some updates:
The schedule is kind of working. We went to North Carolina for the weekend and V’s nap and bed time were both REALLY altered. He is still waking up consistently every 2 hours and seems hungry (like wanting food instead of just to nurse) in the middle of the night. During the day he is so busy that he will take a few bites or nurse for a few minutes and then twist his little body and reach for the ground until I put him down to play. At night, the hunger catches up with him and he wakes up annoyed that he’s hungry. Any suggestions on this?
Cloth Diapering
Cloth diapering at night is getting harder and harder for some reason! The Fuzzi Bunz reek horribly of urine after 2 hours, the g-diapers are damp on the outside after 1 hour (but the g-cloth isn’t soaked???), changing his pre-folds and rubber pants in the middle of the night takes a little more coordination and patience than either of us have and right now I only have one bum genius. Hannah left a comment suggesting the one size bum genius with 2 inserts (Thanks Hannah!!) and we plan to buy 7 or 8 of those this week so hopefully this will solve the night problem. Fuzzi Bunz and pre-folds were my favorite cloth diapers until the Fuzzi Bunz started the ammonia problem, now pre-folds and the one BG we have are. Any tips for eliminating the smell in the Fuzzi Bunz? I’ve done cold rinse, then hot/cold wash with 1/4 cup of Dreft and they smell fine when they come out of the dryer, it’s just when he uses the restroom in them. Do you have a problem with the cloth part of the g-diapers being wet but the g-cloth not being even close to soaked?
Child Birth
My ideal birth was all natural but that did not happen. I was really hoping for a natural birth this time but am getting increasingly doubtful about that now. I go to the doctor tomorrow so hopefully I will get some more insight from a professional instead of my anxious mind, but I just have a feeling this will end up as a c-section as well. I’m not sure if I should credit myself with having actual knowledge or if I am just trying to protect myself from feeling even more like a failure. Hannah (once again, THANKS!) came to the rescue and gave me some really kind and thoughtful advice. As a mother, you have to do what is right for your children and if having a c-section is what is best for this little one too then that is what I will have to do. Luckily, my due date is earlier in the summer so (unlike last year, when my husband had to go back to work a week after our son was born) I will have 24/7 help for about a month before everyone gets back to their busy schedules. I’m going to continue walking and eating right and hope that if my body goes into labor on its on I will have a safe one. If my body does not go into labor, I am starting to be okay with the fact that it has given me 2 healthy children and it doesn’t matter how they got here, just matters that they are here and bringing so much joy to my life. If I start complaining about a c-section again, just redirect me to this post. Photobucket
I have got to get to sleep now but I have a lot of thoughts on V’s 1st birthday, making a registry for a second child, having a baby shower (so soon) for a second child and hopefully we will get our one size Bum Genius diapers so I can tell you my thoughts on them! Thanks again for staying tuned!