Mommy Wonders: Co-Sleepers…How do you do it?

Okay let me just get this out… I love co-sleeping.  I do.

I really do, but, I got in the horrible habit of laying down with the babies to get them to sleep and now bedtime is a chore.  I dread it.  I love holding and cuddling with them while we sleep but I would like to put them down and go watch TV with my husband, work, lesson plan, do the dishes (okay maybe I don’t WANT to do the dishes but you get what I mean).  Right now, I lie with them and I end up falling asleep or getting too tired to do all of the things I was just motivated to do!

CO-SLEEPERS, how do you do it?


Babies, breastfeeding and … high school?

I’m sure you’ve heard of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant.  Being a former pregnancy center volunteer, I love how this show portrays being a teen mom as truthfully as a reality show can. I saw plenty of girls at the center each month, seemingly hoping that she was in fact a teenager & pregnant so that her boyfriend would stop cheating, focus on her and become a happy family. (Yes, yes I know. I told them that’s the worst idea ever. ) …but I digress.
I’ve never felt strongly enough about anything to voice my opinion too loudly but I do like the idea of trying to breastfeed if mom and baby are comfortable and capable. (I’m trying to word this as carefully as possible!) I’ve noticed that most of the girls on the show are nursing in the hospital but using formula at home. In May 4th’s episode with Jamie, Ryan and Miah, she actually continued breastfeeding while in school. I wanted to hug her. I’ve been fortunate enough to stay home with my babies and crazy enough to never ever let them out of my sight so breastfeeding just made sense and came easily, but to Jamie who is trying to keep her grades up, deal with a cheating boyfriend and balance being a teenager and mom, breastfeeding is probably a challenge and an inconvenience. I’m sure having a high school with a daycare attached made it a bit easier but still, way to go Jamie!!!! And thank you MTV for showing that it is possible to nurse the baby after the first few weeks and still accomplish many of your goals!!!

What do you think about having a daycare attached to school? Do you think it is sending a message to our girls that it’s okay to get pregnant in high school or is it simply helping those who are?  I wonder if the daycare is open to the teachers’ children?