{Book Review} Summer Jackson: Grown Up

Summer Jackson

I used to {secretly} roll my eyes when my mother suggested I read at least a couple books with characters that looked like me.  I love reading, so finding something to read was hardly a problem, but finding a book I enjoyed, with a character that looked like me? Forget it!  Now that I am a mother, I understand why my mother thought it was necessary, and I too think it is important that Princess chooses a variety of books, but especially those that feature girls like her.  We read so many books, that it would be impossible for me to review them all, but when I find one that Princess or V are particularly fond of, I will try to write it up.  If you have any favorite books, I would love to hear about them.  We love to read any, and everything!

Summer Jackson: Grown Up

Summer Jackson is a spunky little girl who – like most little girls – is ready to grow up. Summer is determined to be a grown up. She dresses in a blazer and heels, and even reads the paper, but will she love being a grown up by the end of the day? Your little girl (of any color) will enjoy and relate to the fearless Summer Jackson! My only regret is that this isn’t part a series!  We give it 5 stars, my little girl tries to check it out every time we are at the library!

Summer Jackson
Princess reads on a 2nd/3rd grade level, so this was one she read by herself, but that wasn’t above her head.

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