2014 Update: Computer Crash, Work & More Work!


My computer almost crashed and I thought I lost all my pictures on Christmas Eve 2013.  Luckily, through a lot of tears and more prayer, I got my computer up and started transferring all of the thousands (yes, thousands) of pictures over to Shutterfly.  I realized how many “school” pictures we take and how I never update the blog.  You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to blog for fun when blogging is your job.  I’m so thankful that I get to work from home, but can’t help but wonder how awesome it would be if I could just dedicate ALL day and ALL night to serving my family.  I say it every year, but I will try to catch the blog up.  We do so many fun things and I have such bright, beautiful children, I’d love to share our activities, see yours and get answers to all of our mommy wonders. 🙂  Until days are extended to 30 hours each or we hit the lottery and I don’t have to work, you’ll have to bear with my sporadic updates!  We are absolutely LOVING My Father’s World K though!  To see things we have done or are planning to do, check out my Pinterest board!


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