Oh, Common Core!

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I thought homeschooling enabled you to teach your children the way you wanted and the way your little ones learned best, as long as they were learning.  Through joining several different homeschool groups online, I’ve found that maybe that is true, but you better keep it to yourself if you’re not schooling like everyone else.  There seems to be a popular homeschooling notion that if you use common core, start formal school before age 7, and if your entire homeschool day takes longer than 30 minutes, you might as well send them to public school (which apparently is synonymous with prison).  These are angry parents pulled together for one common (heh, heh) cause.  Oh no, the cause is NOT educating children who would otherwise be in drug infested, inner-city schools, it is harboring a pure hatred for common core!  I’m using bits and pieces from a few curricula as well as making up my own activities and lessons for both my 4 and 3 year old because I don’t plan on homeschooling forever.  I am one of those horrible moms that does not believe socializing with friends while parents are around is the same as socializing with friends while the parents are gone.  I would love to keep my babies home forever, but I have witnessed far too many classmates struggle socially when being thrown into high school after being educated at home for several years.  I use the common core STANDARDS to guide my lessons.  STANDARDS.  To GUIDE.  I use the common core as a STANDARD to GUIDE my lessons.  Did you get that?  My husband was reading at 3 years old, I was reading chapter books at age 4, we both went to an excellent university, participated in many activities from cheerleading to a capella groups, when we see a STANDARD, it means the bare minimum.  What parent wants their child to only do the bare minimum?  To me, the common core is making sure whether you live in Detroit, MI or Arlington, VA your 5 year old will AT LEAST know the same basic things.  Does this mean if your 5 year old can count to 100 in September, the teacher stops there and is done with math for the year?  I would hope he or she would say, “Great!  Now that we’ve got the basics, let’s keep going!”  These homeschool parents are getting their panties in a bunch over a standard that doesn’t apply to them, why?  They say, aside from making our children dumb, it has a hidden agenda very similar to that of Hitler’s thinking.

This video was recently posted with several comments that were filled with emotion.  Here are a couple of the nice ones:

“This is why many kids are 17 years old and can’t give you change at the register unless the register tells them.”

“Tada! I think I see now why homeschoolers are passing everyone else up!”

Here’s the video:

I was someone who struggled (I didn’t get it as quickly as I got other subjects, but still got A’s in it) with math, so seeing this video was AWESOME to me!!  I was taught the fist method, but when I do mental math, I do the second method and how neat is the lattice method?  Would I do each of these for each math problem?  No.  Will I teach my children these?  Yes!  If we are homeschooling when they get to multiplication, I will definitely teach them different ways to solve the same problem.  This will allow THEM to choose the style that makes sense to THEM.  Princess is so straight forward, she will probably just choose the old-fashioned way, but V must see the ins and outs of everything and he might go for the way “Investigations” taught it.   I feel passionate about homeschooling because I want to give my children the basics in a way they understand.  If they understand things the Common Core way, why not teach it?


So, what do you think?  Are these algorithms ridiculous?  Do you hate the common core?  Why? Why not?


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