Our Curricula: 2013 – 2014

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Okay I am SO excited about how God is blessing us!!  I’ve toyed with Hearts of Dakota, A Beka and My Father’s World for a while now (since V was TWO years old)!    Hearts of Dakota was a little too easy and dry for my little ones but instead of creating supplements, we kind of just fell off the wagon and read… and read…. and read some more!  Now that V is 4 (4 y 1 m) and beginning to read, I decided it was time to get myself in order.  I have been looking online all day and all night for used A Beka and My Father’s World materials.  I was able to score social studies, science, phonics/reading/writing curricula from Abeka (just need the Letter and Sounds K workbook), Cuisinaire rods and book plus the teacher’s manual AND student sheets for My Father’s World!  This should have cost me about $400 or more, but I was able to get it bit by bit, piece by piece and have paid maybe $150 INCLUDING shipping!  (I don’t even think I paid $150, it’s more like $120 but we will throw in all those trips to the Dollar Tree.)  I am so excited to try this out.  They absolutely love doing their lessons – or “projects” as Princess calls it- and I really hope that this is what God has for us because it certainly makes all FOUR of us happy.   It melts my heart when Warner comes home from working TWO jobs and can still muster up a smile when he hears all about the letters and words our little ones have learned.   I just finalized the My Father’s World curriculum purchase today, so as soon as I get it, I will share my plan and the worksheets I’ve made to go along with it.

I’m so excited!! I don’t think I’ve EVER said “praise the Lord”, but I have said it about 100 times today!  He’s so good!!!

P.S. Yes, I know I haven’t updated our letter of the day posts. #facepalm


Letter B Review Day

Here we are reviewing the letter “B”.

SAM_7065We always begin with the ABC YouTube videos.


Then we look at all different sizes, fonts and other representations of the letter.


We watched the super quick PowerPoint created from this sound file.  (Click HERE for the page with a link to each PowerPoint) We did some crafts for the letter “B”


Princess and V took turns doing the letter “B” activity on Starfall.  Princess needs some more work with the mouse but V is getting the hang of it! They love these fun letter videos.  I love all of the Have Fun Teaching YouTube videos!!


We did another craft.  Princess likes to trace but doesn’t like to color.  V likes both and does them both very well.  I’m excited to see how Princess’ coloring skills improve throughout the year!   That’s how we reviewed the letter “B” using Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool.  These activities are normally spread out throughout the week but since we have known these letters for over a year, we’re just using it as a review.