Letter Review – Easy Peasy Soundfile Powerpoints

april the alligator

For now, we are using Easy Peasy All-In-One Online Curriculum. It is free and a great review of letters. The owner has found several silly and fun videos to get the little ones to learn their letters. Mine know theirs, so we will be using it as review and then moving on. I found some of the lessons to be helpful but dry, and I’m all about color and sprucing things up for younger kids… okay, who am I kidding, I color code my calendars, I just like COLORS!

For the letters, I created PowerPoints from the EP sound file. It’s nothing special at all, and I paraphrased to make it short and sweet for my littles, but it did the trick.  Instead of listing it for each individual letter, I decided to do one big post with a list of all the PowerPoints.  Again, these are NOT my stories and they are nowhere near the PowerPoints I create for other things, I just wanted something short and sweet to go with the stories EP provided.

*I will edit this post as I create new PowerPoints.

April the Alligator
Betty the Bee
Cathy the Cat
David the Dog
Eli the Elephant
Faith the Fish
Grace the Goat
Hilary the Hippo
Irene the Iguana
Joanna the Jaguar
Karen the Kangaroo
Lea the Lion
Michelle the Monkey
Nicole the Nuthatch
Olivia the Octopus
Pauline the Parrot
Queenie the Queen Bee
Robert the Rabbit
Sarah the Snake
Tabitha the Turtle
Uma the Unicorn
Victoria the Vulture
Winnie the Walrus
Xahlia the X-Ray Fish
Yolanda the Yak
Zoe the Zebra


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