Mommy Wonders: Do African Americans Homeschool?


I’ve always been a little different from the African Americans around me.  When I first moved from So. Cal to Central VA, here’s a sample of a daily conversation between my classmates and myself:

Classmate: “So you lived in California with movie stars?”
Me: “Sort of…”
Classmate: “Is that why you talk like that?”
Me:”Like what?”
Classmate: “Like you’re not black.”
Me:”How do black people talk?”
Classmate: “Not like you.  You’re proper.”

When I was young and naive, I took it as a compliment.  If I spoke proper and black people didn’t, that meant I was above “regular” black people, right? As I got older, (okay, not gonna lie, “older” = when I started college) I realized that there are intelligent black people everywhere and using correct grammar was not just a skill reserved for those elite races above blacks.  My family tried to teach me that being black doesn’t mean having saggy pants, bad grammar, and no ambition, but this is what I heard – heavily influenced by my Honor’s and AP classmates’ opinions and theories, I might add-:

“Being black is bad, but luckily since my parents are rare black people who did something with their lives, I’m above regular black people and that’s okay… as long as I don’t start acting black… or hanging out with more black people.  Too many black people – even if they aren’t regular black people – is frowned upon.”

…BUT, I digress. All of that was just a preface to the question:

Do black people homeschool?

I know it is probably an ignorant question and I know now that black people are actually PEOPLE and not some low life, unfortunate race, BUT I have never met an African American homeschool family and wanted to know how common it actually is outside of my bubble! I would love to see other families that look like mine at homeschool conventions or co-ops.



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