Letter A Review Day

We had an awesome time learning the letter A.  Just a reminder, this is a review, so we aren’t going into the letters as in depth as we normally would.  During the actual school year, we will spend a week on each letter (or word… I think) and do projects, visit places, read books, etc. on the topic.  Right now I just want to make sure my son knows his letter sounds before we attempt to read! 🙂

Take a look at what we did:

First we watched the ABC song on YouTube.

Then, we looked at all different types of the letter “A”.


We read our quick story about Abraham the alligator.

We had SO much fun, doing our alligator crafts.  We will definitely be checking out some library books on alligators soon. 🙂



Cutting out our Abraham (the alligator) turned into an impromptu cutting lesson.  Cutting is a skill we REALLY need to work on, he gets so frustrated and starts ripping instead of cutting, so I was very excited that he took it upon himself to start cutting!

SAM_7043 SAM_7044

We finished up with some reading.  Here’s V’s finished alligator project:


This is just a review, beginning in August 2013, you’ll be able to find worksheets I’ve created as well as links and files. You can check out my Pinterest board for some things we’ve done in the past!


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