Mommy Wonders Teaches: Letter A – The Usuals

Our first week of school, we learned the letter “A”.  I was surprised at how long my little ones sat still and how engaged they were.  I’ll pretend it’s because I’m an excellent teacher but I think it’s because my kids are just really into learning. 🙂  I hope they keep this attitude forever!!  Okay, onto the learning.  These are some things you will see each week for consistency, but I try to do a lot of different activities during our “school” time and their play.  Here ya go:

We start each morning with our VeggieTales 365 Day Starter Devos for Girls & Boysa prayer and Big Thoughts For Little People.  Check out our schedule!

We did a fingerplay that is built into our curriculum.  It talks about Adam and animals and each verse stresses the short “a” sound.  It starts out, “A-A-Adam, can you believe? God made the animals and you and me!  A-A-Adam, can you believe?  God made ants to crawl you see?”  It keeps going and names alligators, albatross, anteaters, antelope and anacondas. It’s pretty neat, my little ones beg me to sing it multiple times each day!

We have a flashcard with the mommy (upper case) and baby (lower case) “A” on the front.  At the beginning I gave them a hint by saying “A-A-Adam” but by the end of the week, when I showed them the flashcard, they knew the letters without the hint.  Again, this is from the Heart of Dakota Little Hands To Heaven curriculum.

We love playing outside so I used masking tape to put the letter “A” near our playground equipment, on the front stairs and other places we frequent.   We found acorns and covered the letter “A” with them.  We also found ants!  Each week I plan to have the letter of the week posted in several places so that they become rather familiar with it outside of the kitchen table. 🙂

This project was like our assessment.  I was super surprised that they were able to identify SO many of the A’s.  This (again) was taken straight from our curriculum but I have created a similar project for the letter “B” next week.  They enjoyed looking for the letter of the week among other letters!!

We also learned about the letter A by doing our letter A bean project and apple picking.

Check out our schedule!


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