Mommy Wonders Teaches: Letter A – Letter “A” Bean Project!

We start each morning with our VeggieTales 365 Day Starter Devos for Girls & Boysa prayer and Big Thoughts For Little People.  Check out our schedule!

One of my favorite activities of the week was to make the letter “A” out of beans.

FIRST.  I made a dotted “A” for Princess and V to trace.  V did an EXCELLENT job tracing my dotted letter “A” (pictured above).

SECOND.  Princess and V squirted a thin layer of glue on the letter. (Not pictured).  They did a great job, I was impressed with Nadia’s concentration and that she didn’t squirt out the entire bottle of glue.

THIRD.  Princess and V added beans! (Pictured above)

I want to use balls when we do “b”, corn when we do “c”, dots when we do “d”, etc.

Any ideas for other materials?

We also learned about the letter A by doing our usual letter activities and apple picking.

Check out our schedule!


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