Mommy Wonders Teaches: Letter A, Number 1, God Created Everything!

V & Princess praying during their morning devotion.

This week we are learning the letter “A“, the number “1” and that God created everything.  We are using the Heart of Dakota Little Hands to Heaven curriculum as a skeleton and I am adding my own extras or modifying their activities to fit our skill levels and needs.

Here’s what we did today:

Started with our devotion.

Read about the letter “A”. The word “Ask” begins with “A” and we can ask anything to God through prayer.

Continued learning about the letter “A” by doing the Adam Fingerplay & “A” flashcard that is built into the Hearts of Dakota curriculum.  The fingerplay is pretty neat, I’m thinking about making a PowerPoint for it.

We also learned that God made the world and everyone in it.  We stood in a super dark closet and took turns turning on the flashlight.  This demonstrated the world being nothing before God but once he created it, we could see all kinds of things.  To further explore the idea, we wrote on white paper with a white crayon and then painted over our drawings with black paint (God made something from nothing).

We reviewed counting with a focus on the number 1 by doing an activity that’s built into the HOD curriculum but you can easily create it on your own.  I drew a caterpillar in a box and we had to write the number “1”, then I drew 2 caterpillars and we drew the number “2”, 3 caterpillars “3”, so forth and so on until we got to the number 5.  My daughter (25 months old) can count to 13 so getting her to recognize the number 1 was enough, but for my son (35 months old) I focused more on number sense.

Music.. my favorite part! We learned more about God creating the world from our CD “The Singing Bible”.  I created a PowerPoint for the song “God Made The Universe” and they LOVED it.  There are a million tracks on the CD so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make a PowerPoint for all of them but I will definitely try! 🙂

So that was our day!  This post got kind of long and boring so I think on Fridays I will just do a post on our favorite parts of learning each week instead of posting each day.  How does that sound to you?


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