Mommy Wonders: How Do YOU Discipline?


As you know, my little ones are 11 months apart.  It was cute at first but now I feel like I’m a ref at a UFC match…. all. day. long.

I’ve tried the nice, patient, thoughtful mommy… “Now V, that is not kind, explain to me why you would do that to your sister?”

I’ve done the irrational, angry, cranky mommy… “V WHAT IN THE WORLD?!!!! You’re too old to do that!!!”

I’ve even done the tired, so-over-it, pleading mommy… “V…  just… pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.  Please just… pleeeeease”

…And none of it seems to work.

Before they were old enough to fight I read Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp and knew I was going to be a quiet, put together mom with the PERFECT children who were considerate and giving to each other.  Once my daughter began walking and my son hit his terrible-twos stage, all of that changed.  A person can only take so much of “NO! MINE!” each day, ya know?  So I’m asking you… how do you discipline?  What works?  What doesn’t work?  I found some ideas from this Parenting Magazine article and am hoping that they begin working soon.

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