Rainy Day Activity: Milk Carton Tunnels

Normally we have a few days where we are stuck inside (usually without electricity) because of weather but this winter has been pretty mild.  Crazily enough, I am hoping for a hard snow soon!  One of the perks of having a spouse in education is getting SNOW DAYS! We love waking up and discovering my husband is going to be with us all day. 🙂

I’ve planned a few activities in case we DO have a few of those nasty days.  One of them is a milk carton tunnel.

Here’s what you do:

1.  Rinse out an empty half-gallon milk carton.

2.  Cut out a half oval on opposite sides of the carton.

You’re done!

Let your little one use it as a tunnel for his or her toy cars.  If you save up your cartons, you can make several tunnels of different sizes and if you really plan ahead you can paint and decorate the cartons one day and cut tunnels out the next.

I want to see your tunnels!  Send me pictures (mommywondersblogger@gmail.com) or leave a comment with your website (or where I can find the picture) below.


One thought on “Rainy Day Activity: Milk Carton Tunnels

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