Project 365

WordPress challenged its users to come up with a project that they work on a bit each day for a year.  I’m up for it!  There are bloggers writing about breakfast ideas, pictures, even meeting random people each day (can you imagine meeting 365 people? That sounds like fun in theory but a nightmare to me.  I’m a little shy until I get to know you!).  I decided to do 365 days of words.  I read something every day and there’s always a few words I’d like to share and I never get the chance to.  This project will give me the chance to share those words and hopefully hear opinions from others on them.  The sources will be broad so stay tuned, I’m really really excited!!


9 thoughts on “Project 365

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    • Thank you! I am excited as well!! I am following your posts and love seeing the new pictures each day! I thought about doing pictures but I realized most would just be of my kids and not sure if everyone wants to see 365 pics of them. 😛

    • Thank you. I thought about doing a theme with the words (like words of wisdom, words from poems, scripture, etc.) but I like having it broad. We’ll see how it goes after a month! 🙂
      I wasn’t able to see your site but thank you so much for commenting on mine!

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