This year I decided to do an advent calendar.  I thought the baby socks idea was cute but my daughter’s feet are still very small and her infant socks are even smaller so I didn’t think it would turn out very well.  We went to Michael’s to look for Christmas craft materials and saw little mini stockings so I decided we would use those.  I bought 25 of them, one for each day in December up until Christmas.  Each day they have a little gift (or a picture of an event we will attend) and we open them after dinner.  I think it is traditional to do it in the morning but I wanted my husband to be a part of this and he is home pretty late.

I used glue to write the numbers and had the babies sprinkled glitter on the glue to make them sparkle.

Then I let them decorate the back of each one.

Finally, after a few days of working on them, they are finished!


Mommy Wonders: Rude Comments

Okay, I am a pretty sensitive person but trying to work on it.  Today I got a rather inconsiderate comment to one of my posts and it took hours of pouting, typing then erasing and finally talking to my husband to figure out what to do.  I tried to e-mail the person a more personal response, but he or she left a fake e-mail.

Do you all receive comments that are better left unsaid?

What do you do? Mark them as spam? Respond from your heart? Delete them? Approve them?  Justify yourself?

I was so excited to have a comment and it crushed me to find out that it was someone just being thoughtless.