30 Days of Thanks: Day 27

Day 27:

I am thankful for Wal-Mart because I don’t think I’ll be going to Target any time soon!!!!!

I left my purse in the cart at Target.  (I knew it was in there or at my aunt-in-law’s house.)  There is NOTHING in there that anyone would want except about $20 left on my Victoria’s Secret gift card and maybe $15 or $20 left on my Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card. Oh and about 30 pennies and $2 or $3.  EVERYTHING that I want is in there.  Our ankle bands from our trip to the water park at Massanutten, my old UVA student ID which has my picture from orientation -my first taste of freedom-, my learner’s permit which has my picture from when I was 15 and beaming from ear to ear, the aspirator the doctor used that we still use for yucky noses, my bible study and church notes from the past year, my library card from 4th grade… I could go on and on but that would bore you because everything in there only interested ME!! Well Target has some policy that attempts to protect you from fraud but ended up losing a customer.  They will not ship me my purse because it has “identifiable information in it”.  I appreciate their concern but how can I be a fraud? I want it shipped to the address that is in the purse and the address that I provided them with is the same!! Maybe I am just thinking crazy because I am SO mad but for someone to steal my identity that way, they would have had to be following me, see me lose my purse, turn it in, drive the 9.5 hours from where we were in Georgia to where I live in Virginia, call Target, request the purse and wait at my house to get it from the UPS person before I do.  Now that is possible but kind of improbably.  Wouldn’t they have just taken my debit card and/or license out and gotten my identity that way???  The only way they will ship me my purse is if they get rid of everything that has my picture and name (ie the things I WANT).  My purse was broken, I was asking for a new one for Christmas so why would I want them to ship me an empty purse?!?!?!?!!?  Oh and I also told them that I could fax them a picture, have our police station verify that I am who I say I am AND create a document and get it notarized saying that I WILL NOT hold Target responsible if my purse is to get loss in the mail or if something fraudulant happens as a result of them sending me my purse and I was told “Sorry ma’am you will have to fly here and show us ID if you want your purse.” Oh wait.. my ID was in my purse so even if I bought the plane ticket which costs hundreds more than what was in my purse, I still can’t get it.

I am very careful to not bash a company nationally (well I know not that many people read my blog so it’s not really national) but this is my exception…


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