30 Days of Thanks: Day 26

Day 26:

I am thankful for God’s favor.

I lost my purse at either Michael’s, Target or my aunt-in-law’s house so I could not help my husband with the 9.5 hour drive because I didn’t have my license.  During the week we were in Georgia, my father-in-law gave us a gift card to a hotel just in case we wanted to go to a nice dinner or something.  We were both kind of chuckling to ourselves because we can’t even remember the last time we stayed at a hotel so it seemed like such a random gift.   Well we ended up leaving Georgia late because we looked all over this 8,000 square foot house, called Michael’s twice, called Target twice and went to their stores looking for my purse.  We were on the road making good timing but around 1AM, my eyes were closing and I was worried that my husband would fall asleep while he was driving and I’d be asleep and not able to wake him up.  We remembered the gift card and it was for Marriot hotels… well we stopped at the next Marriot and they said they wouldn’t take it but Renaissance Inn would.  We had never heard of Renaissance Inn and were not very familiar with Charlotte so were kind of hesitant but plugged it into the GPS and were pleasantly surprised!!! We had a king sized bed, pool, breakfast buffet and did I mention they’re all suites!!  We didn’t have to check out until 12PM on Saturday so I was able to get my work done while enjoying homemade waffles and fresh fruit in a very very comfortable booth with the sound of an indoor waterfall in the background. 🙂  Oh yeah and we got to explore Charlotte!! I think I know where I want to move if we decide we want to!!

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Day 25:  My house

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