Lesson Plans: Week of 11/14/11

This week we are focusing on turkeys, Thanksgiving and farm animals.  We are revisiting “Noah’s Ark” because V is really interested in the animals and it’s a great way to start counting.  I am going to try again with the “loaves & fishes” lesson but I don’t think the babies really got it. 🙂  I found a great website with a lot of crafts so we will try them out this week.  Lots of pictures to come!!

Theme:  Turkeys, Thanksgiving, Farm Animals

  • Bible: Loaves & Fishes; John 10:10 and Noah’s Ark
    • In our book “My Little Picture Bible”, page 58, the story is “Loaves & Fishes”… goes along with John 6 and John 10:10.
    • I have a cornucopia that I will talk to them about and explain that we are thankful that God has given us abundant life (not just lots of food but blessings, friends, family, etc.) despite our sin.
    • Noah’s Ark
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Language
    • Farm Animals (cow, pig, chicken, horse, duck, etc.)
    • Thanksgiving/Nutrition: more (still working on it…), thank you, doctor, food
    • Transportation:  Airplane, fly, sky
  • Math/Science
    • Farm Animals: learn about them, sort them, counting them, etc.
    • Thanksgiving/Nutrition: Counting with turkeys (clothespin turkey activity)
  • Reading
    • I put a lot of books on reserve at the library and will update when I get them!
  • Cooking
    • Unfortunately I did not come up with any great cooking ideas for this week so we will just review numbers and words while making dinner.  I’m sure we will make up for it, next week!!
  • Music
    • “Old MacDonald”, “”Animals on the Farm”, “Thanksgiving”

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