Mommy Wonders: Once a Month Cooking

I attended my first Mom’s Night Out and it was awesome.

I could go on and on about how rejuvenated I felt after talking to other moms.  Anyone who is around me for half a second knows how much I love and adore my kids.  We are connected at the hip, there is no “me”, just “us” but now that they are 27 months and 16 months I feel a little more comfortable leaving them.  Anyway, the MNO was also a soup swap.  There were 10 swappers so instead of making 50 cups of soup (5 cups per person) we did a half swap so we each took home 5 bags (each had 5 cups inside) of soup.  I don’t know if I was still elated from having some time for just me or what but I was a little too excited about having 5 meals already prepared!! I decided I might try this once a month cooking thing.  I think I will start out with once a week cooking and if it goes alright then I’ll do once every 2 weeks, 3 weeks and finally once a month.


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