Lesson Plans: Week of 11/7/11

We started our lesson plans on Tuesday for this week.  Monday was full of playdates and fall festivals!  November has 5 main topics that I want to be sure to cover:

  • Aviation Month
  • Child Safety and Protection Month
  • Good Nutrition Month
  • National Bible Week (November 20 – 27)
  • …. and of course THANKSGIVING!!

I don’t want to cram the babies’ day too much because then they will be cranky and uninterested so I struggled with trying to find activities to cover those topics without overloading them.  I combined “Aviation Month” and “Child Safety Month” to come up with the theme of vehicles.  We are going to talk about airplanes, fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and helicopters.  I am going to add in bits and pieces about nutrition to our Thanksgiving theme as well.  We will see how it works!

Theme:  Vehicles, Thanksgiving/Nutrition

  • Bible: Loaves & Fishes; John 10:10
    • In our book “My Little Picture Bible”, page 58, the story is “Loaves & Fishes”… goes along with John 6 and John 10:10.
    • I have a cornucopia that I will talk to them about and explain that we are thankful that God has given us abundant life (not just lots of food but blessings, friends, family, etc.) despite our sin.
  • Arts & Crafts
    • Vehicles:  Firetruck out of an egg carton and make our own police badge and hat.
    • Thanksgiving/Nutrition: We are making a little book of fruits.
  • Language
    • Vehicles: car, truck, airplane, balloon
    • Thanksgiving/Nutrition: more (still working on it…), thank you, doctor, food
  • Math/Science
    • Vehicles: Counting cars, shaving cream with cars
    • Thanksgiving/Nutrition: Sort fruits and vegetables, use turkey basters, tongs, etc. in bin (makeshift sensory table)
  • Reading
    • I got a ton of books on aviation, nurses, doctors and of course, FIRETRUCKS!
  • Cooking
    • I still haven’t decided what we will make.  We still have leftover pumpkins and the pumpkin bread was excellent so we may make that again.  Any other suggestions?
  • Music
    • “Hurry hurry”, “Thanksgiving”, “5 Fruits & Vegetables”

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