Lesson Plans: Orange, Black, Cat, Bat, B & C

Each week I choose a few letters, colors and words to really focus on for lil W.  This week we had:







Lil W is really good about his colors but my main focus is to increase his vocabulary so I am so excited to tell you that he has said “black”, “bat” and “cat” and made the sounds for “B” and hard “C” !!!

Here’s what I did:

1.  Colored one large index card orange and one black.

2.  Printed off the letters and words from here.

3. Colored the bat and cat in.

4. Cut them out.

5. Pasted them onto an index card.

and voila!

I go through these cards a few times a day and they love to play with them during free play.  I think I will do this each week!

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