Lesson Plans: Week of 10/24/11

Hello again!

First, let’s wish my son a happy 27 months!!!! Twenty-seven months ago today I was wondering if he was ever going to come out or if I would be in the Guiness Book of World Records for being pregnant forever.

Okay, on to business…Taking the babies to playgroup, basketball games and my parents’ house just wasn’t cutting it.  They needed more structure to their learning (don’t get me wrong, I fully support learning through play but it was time to help them explore their interests by teaching them outside of play time). So I decided to create more of a preschool environment at our house.  It has gone quite well and I’d like to share it with YOU!

As a Christian family, we do not celebrate the true meaning of Halloween but it is always fun (and educational) to dress up and candy is such a yummy treat so we’ve included those activities into our plans.

Theme:  Halloween (sort of…); Last week of Child Health Month

  • Bible: The Good Samaritan
    • “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” — Luke 10:27
    • This may seem kind of far fetched for the “halloween” theme but I am just teaching them about kindness (passing out the candy is a difficult task to a 2 year old) and acceptance (all of us have different beliefs, customs, rules, but like the good Samaratin we are kind and generous to everyone.
  • Arts & Crafts
    • Pumpkins:  Went to the pumpkin patch last week and are finishing up our pumpkin activities.. we will be painting them and carving them later this week.
    • Child Health: We’ve learned all about our bodies and keeping them healthy for Child Health Month. I’m sad to be finishing this unit but we will have some fun with it by body tracing and dressing up our traces.
  • Language
    • Child Health Month: eat, cup, more
    • Halloween: orange, black, cat, bat
  • Math/Science
    • Learning about bats and cats, counting pumpkin seeds, matching cat pictures (orange cat with orange cat, black cat with black cat), sinking and floating.
  • Reading
    • We will be going to the library on Tuesday and getting books on bats and cats.  I will let you know what we find!
  • Cooking
    • We are going to make pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds AND pumpkin pie with the pumpkins we picked from the pumpkin patch (tongue twister??).
  • Music
    • “5 Little Pumpkins”, “Eat Mr. Pumpkin”, “Head Shoulders Knees & Toes”
I will upload pictures and resources for these activities as we go through the week!

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