Introducing… LESSON PLANS!


Taking the babies to playgroup, basketball games and my parents’ house just wasn’t cutting it.  They needed more structure to their learning (don’t get me wrong, I fully support learning through play but it was time to help them explore their interests by teaching them outside of play time). So I decided to create more of a preschool environment at our house.  It has gone quite well and I’d like to share it with YOU!

Each week I plan activities in the following categories:

  • Bible — A story from our toddler Bible that ties in with our theme for the week.
  • Arts & Crafts — Projects that focus on coloring, cutting, glueing and whatever else can make my house junky. =)
  • Language — These are the words and letters I want to focus on for my son.
  • Math/Science — We are concentrating on things like the seasons, weather, calendar, numbers, counting and sorting but I do throw in some harder concepts every now and then (like sinking & floating with pumpkins).
  • Reading — These are the books I use to give us information on our theme.
  • Cooking — I’ve found that cooking is not only a great way to teach my children patience but also helps with counting and using simple words and signs so I try to include cooking activities a few times each week.
I hope you’ll leave me with your thoughts on our plans and let me know what you are up to with your little ones!!

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