Deal of the Day — 10-24-11

One of my best friends had a very scary situation with her husband’s health.  Two years later, he is fine but they are still paying for the procedures.  She hosts a few Pampered Chef parties to help pay the medical bills and gave me the idea to do the same.  My son and I stopped breathing while I was in labor and as a result, I had an emergency c-section.  My son is a perfectly healthy little boy and I am so thankful but the labor process left a lot of medical bills that we are still paying.  I am now going to use all of my AVON income towards medical bills! To get the word out there, each day I will post the Deal of the Day. This is a special deal and you must contact me directly to receive the deal. You are always welcome to visit the site to place other orders but the price listed here is only through me.  Thank you for helping us!

Glitter and Gold Mistletoe


Add some sparkle to your holiday! 7″ L x 5 1/4″ W. Plastic, glitter.

After today you are still able to purchase this product but it will be $7.99.


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