Holiday Essentials from AVON!!

I know some of you haven’t even started putting away your bathing suits BUT Christmas is right around the corner (well, maybe not right around the corner, but it’s coming)! AVON has some wonderful sales going on and I’d love to help you pick out stocking stuffers, gifts for your coworkers, holiday decorations and under $10 presents for company holiday parties. If you do not celebrate Christmas, still send me a message, we have great holiday deals for EVERYONE. I’ve broken down some of my favorite items by category but please feel free to browse through the online brochure (or contact me for a paper copy) for the full selection.


Check these out: herehere and here!

  • Dazzling Heels 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Baby’s First Christmas


Stocking Stuffers & Inexpensive Gifts




One thought on “Holiday Essentials from AVON!!

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