So… is this an emergency??

“So… is this an emergency??”

These are the words that almost caused World War Three right here in Charlottesville.
… But let me back up.

After $265 and a quick 20 miles, we discovered that my car indeed had not been fixed. The next day I drove the random, gear-shifting, mind of its own, car to be fixed (again).  A huge diaper bag, screaming infant, fussy toddler, convertible carseat, infant carrier and I piled into my dad’s 2-door convertible. Oh yeah, and don’t forget my just had surgery on his foot so we also had his crutches.
The beginning of the end.
This was day 0.5 of being stranded at home with 2 sick children and it was already a disaster.
Fast forward to Friday, day 2.5 both children are fully cloaked with this nasal congestion and cough icky illness and my husband has a game at a school about an hour away. He was gone from about 6AM – 11PM.  My infant was breathing funny and only sleeping for about 15 minutes at a time.  I called her doctor after hours and was forward to the doctor on call.  They (were asleep and) called back about an hour later, listened to my concerns about her wheezing, sleeplessness and general discomfort and said “so… is this an emergency…?”.  I was furious!!!!!  It seemed like they got better but then less than a week later she got RSV so bad that she got dehydrated and almost hospitalized.

Luckily, the doctors worked with us to keep my daughter out of the hospital.  We were in their office for several hours each day for a week and they were nothing but calm and accomodating (even gave my son pillows and blankets so that he could take his regular nap, offered me drinks and to hold my daughter so that I could rest, etc.)  I still believe that if the doctor would have at least suggested that I bring her in the next day, it wouldn’t have turned into RSV… but what do I know?

Have you had any bad encounters with doctors concerning your birth or your child? What did you do? I wanted to be a doctor for as long as I could remember but once I started volunteering, shadowing, doing extern/internships with them I realized that they don’t save the world (as I thought they did) and it seems more of a business than a service.  What about you, what do you think??

(So I wrote this a long time ago and never finished because not even a week after we got my car fixed, my husband totalled my car –and a neighborhood’s sign– but I wanted to express my disdain with some medical professionals so I finally got around to publishing it!!)

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