>Car help!


As a first time mom I researched every little thing and tried tons of products.That was very nerve wrecking and time consuming and now with two children, nearly impossible.With any luck I can assist at least one person by posting things I find helpful every now and then.So, here goes!


Have you all tried RepairPal.com?I love cars, but as much as I hate to admit it, I know nothing about them.When you go to RepairPal, you are provided with the top three rated repair shops in your area. You will also find a map conveniently locatedat the top of the page for each of these shops. Other listings are located below the maps.

Need specific care such as an oil change or brake job? This site can help with that too.I’m lucky because when a bright red foreign symbol pops up on my dashboard thingy, I just call my dad.For those of you who see the image, consult the car’s manual and still have no clue what it means, this site is also great.It has an encyclopedia that explains common car ailments (like when you go in for an oil change and they tell you that you need something about a rotor?) AND how parts work together.

So when you get a chance, check out RepairPal.com… preferably before you need something done to your car.

Here’s to impressing the men in our lives by pretending we know tons about cars! Photobucket

Oh and check out their car ads like this Acura TL too!!This site has EVERYTHING!



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