>I won! I won!!


Look!! I won!!!

Hannah at Mommy’s Firsts didn’t know what she started when she gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. I, like most people, hate being reprimanded and looooove praise… The problem is, I love it a little more than your average person. You could give me an award for having an “A” in my name and I will keep it forever. So she really made my day when I saw her comment about it (in the middle of the night…over a month after the fact..). I often get discouraged when I don’t have any comments or anything but it is nice to know that someone is reading and thought enough of my random blabbering to reward me for it!!
Okay, now with this award comes a little responsibility. I have to list 7 things about myself and then pass the award on to 15 other deserving bloggers. So, here goes!
1. I hardly ever talk about Him but I go to church every Sunday, love God and would like to join Bible Study when I can get the courage to leave my babies for a few hours.
2. I am totally, completely, absolutely, wholeheartedly in love with being a mother and staying home to raise my perfect children.
3. I want to cure cancer. Seriously. I want to be a pediatric oncologist and find the cure.
4. I am TERRIFIED of spiders no matter how big, small, harmful or harmless they may be.
5. I hated chocolate until I got pregnant and now I love it.
6. I write poetry, short stories, essays, etc. as a way to sort out my feelings. I used to want to be a trauma surgeon as my main profession and a poet on the side. Then I figured out the concept of time and how it magically disappears when you are trying to get things done.
7. I love music. You can find KoRn, Bach, Limp Bizkit, Beyonce, Rascal Flatts, Chopin, Martina McBride, Jay Z, Staind, Vivaldi, Aerosmith, Raffi, Kurt Carr, etc. on my iTunes playlists and I do know every note and lyric.
Now, I pass the torch to…
1. Stephanie at Mamacita Stephanita
2. Karina at Shining on me …
5. Nick at A Dad’s Take
The blogs I chose are not in any kind of order of ranking and are just my opinion of blogs that I think are interesting and not mundane.

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