>HELP!!!! Car Shopping

>The (somewhat) dreaded day has come. My sporty Saab and my husband’s economical Honda Civic are proof of our younger days. I fear we need a (gasp) larger vehicle. When we go somewhere as a family, we have a rear facing carseat behind both the passenger and driver seats and I sit in the middle. To get out of the car, I have to remove one of the carseats (the infant carrier that my daughter is quickly growing out of). Having the double stroller in the trunk leaves room for a very small duffle bag for trip. So.. I am asking you…
What (not a van) large vehicle do you suggest?


>Wordless Wednesdays!!

I was hoping to have Nadia’s newborn pictures by today but I don’t so we’ll have my low quality ones instead 😛

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>Money Saving!

>I’m not sure about y’all but now that I’m not a naive student who thinks money is just an endless thing coming from my parents (sorry Mom & Dad!) I’ve realized how important saving a dollar is!!

I’ve always enjoyed going to the stores and discovering a “2 for” or “buy one get one” but I don’t think I realized how ridiculous it is to pay full price for things…until now.

I’m definitely not an expert like some of you but I have started clipping my share of coupons. I’ve yet to subscribe to any papers but I certainly visit coupons.com on a regular basis. I look in our cabinets and try to prepare meals from the things we have and then search for coupons online and in free newspapers. When we have an ingredient I don’t know how to use (like stuffing for example), I go to a cooking website and steal a recipe from there. If I get a chance to watch the news I get recipes from Mr. Food but I found his newsletter the other night and now get tips and recipes in my inbox. Sign up for the Mr. Food Recipe eNewsletter and receive “Let’s Get Grilling” eCookbook free. Click Here My goal is to have a coupon for every single item I purchase.

What about you? What do you do to save money?