>Catching Up…again

>Once again Braxton Hicks and a very busy 10 month old have kept me away from my blog. I don’t mind the 10 month old but the Braxton Hicks need to go away or bring me my baby!!

C-Section or VBAC
I have a c-section scheduled for July 2, 2010 at 9:30 AM. I’m hoping that I go into labor before then. What do you do for a scheduled c-section? I know to get there at 8:30 AM and be prepared to stay for 3 days. I have nursing gowns instead of PJs so that the doctors and nurses can check my incision. I have gender neutral outfits as well as a girl and boy outfit for their pictures. I plan on having my husband and son stay with us in the room, have you done this before? My husband stayed with no problem and we had a million people in the room at all times (last year) but no children, they were all adults.
Cloth Diapers
I might be the only one in the world but I actually don’t like Bum Genius as much as I thought I would. They are easier during diaper changes than the pre-folds but maintenance is time-consuming and the velcro is easily worn. I love my fuzzi bunz and prefolds. Do you have any suggestions for nice inexpensive covers? I bought an econobum and will let you know how I like it once I try it out. I want something other than the rubber or vinyl pants but I feel like if I spend $15 per cover I might as well go up a few dollars and buy the fuzzi bunz or other diapers like that.
Well that’s all for now, I am going to try to rest but that’s been pretty much nearly impossible! Thank you for following!

3 thoughts on “>Catching Up…again

  1. >Oh, I'm sorry you didn't care for the bumGenius much! I agree, the velcro does start to wear out quickly. I wonder if this is one of the things their new diaper will address, since they've discontinued the 3.0.The only cover I tried was the Thirsties, but I don't know that it's inexpensive ($11). I liked it a lot but couldn't keep Finley still long enough to put two layers on. Here's my review of it: http://mommysfirsts.blogspot.com/search/label/Thirsties%20V2.0%20Diaper%20CoverA commenter on my blog suggested trying out the prefolds I still have with a Flip cover. You can just lay them in there like an insert. They're a little bit more expensive than the Thirsties though. Good luck!

  2. >I have to agree with you on the BumGenius! I Like them……but I don't LOVE them they way that other people seem to! They seem to get the stinkies really easily and the velcro has started to wear out already and it's only been a few months that I've been using them. I realize you can get "refresher kits" for the velcro, but I don't like that I even have to think about that in just a few short months! As far as cover, I love thirsties duo wraps. Flips are OK too, but I like the way thirsties fit better!

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