>Mommy-Made Meals in May

>PhotobucketIt’s time for a change!!

I think during the months of March and April, Warner and I ordered in, picked up or ate out at least 3 – 5 times a week. This is unacceptable so I’m putting my foot down. To save calories and money, I have challenged my family to eat at home for the month of May. Here’s how it’s going to happen:
  1. After church I am going to go through the cabinets and note what foods we have.
  2. Then I will go to Kraft.com and use their handy meal-maker tool. You just enter a few food items you have and they will give you a million meal suggestions using those ingredients. (I also have a few recipes in my recipe box on Pillsbury.com.)
  3. Finally, I will plan dinner for the entire month of May so there will be no quick decisions about dinner when we are too hungry to fix something.
I’ve created a page that will include recipes that are too good to pass up, as well as our food expenditures. I figured it will be less tempting to slip up if I know the whole world is seeing us do it. Photobucket

If you have any quick and/or easy meal suggestions, leave me a comment with the recipe or where I can find it please! If you’re doing the same thing, check in with me periodically and tell me how it’s working out!

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